Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don't Take Anything for Granted

The simple fact of walking barefooted. Everyone takes it for granted, as I did. But not anymore. Today was the first day Isabelli asked me to take her feet braces off. She looked at me, pointing at her feet and making complaining sounds. I was worried, thinking that something was hurting her. As I took them off, she smiled away saying "Pe!!" (Foot in Portuguese), and then she pointed to the floor, asking me to put her down to walk. 

She just wanted to feel the carpet under her feet, and not the hard plastic of her braces. She walked proudly with me to the room, as I was getting clean socks to put on her along with the braces, once again. Unfortunately I cannot leave her one whole day without them... Oh.. The things we take for granted!! I never thought that walking barefooted would be such a rare and joyful moment for my beautiful baby.

Looking forward to when she turns 5 years old, and gets free from those braces. I am very thankful for them, don't get me wrong, for they are healing my baby's feet, but I sure look forward to the day she won't need them anymore. 


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