Friday, March 23, 2012

No shoes?!

Because Isabelli has to wear her braces 24/7 (we just take them off for her to take her bath), she doesn't get to wear all those different cute kinds of shoes. In fact, she will not be able to do that for a while, because she will wear those braces until she is 5 years-old.
So, I had to find alternatives to make her look cute and match her clothes. Before putting her braces, I put some comfy long socks underneath it, but then,on the top of it, I put another pair of socks, matching whatever she is wearing. I really like those colorful striped socks, because you match them with any color.

But the cutest thing to put on your baby are those socks that look like they are shoes! So, recently I found these websites full of those cuties...  I would looove to get some for Isabelli.

Regarding the use of shoes, once your baby starts walking (like Isabelli has), the only pair I was able to find that actually fits the casts inside, was one from Garanimals. If you moms, have found any other brand that fits with the braces, please let me know!

Yes, there are going to be difficulties, but they are all manageable! These situations just teach us what is really important!


  1. Amen! I didn't go through the same thing, but my daughter had a broken femur and she was in a body cast for a while and I did the same thing with the socks, keep your head up and stay on your knees mama! praying for you guys. Ckbrown~